Depok City

Depok is the city between Jakarta and Bogor. Depok city is 33 KM to south of Jakarta, and 29 KM to north from Bogor.  Depok is a satellite city that supporting capital city of Indonesia: Jakarta. 

City of Education

Depok city is well known as city of education. It has University of Indonesia, rank 79 in Asia and rank 310 in the world ( 2015 ). Depok agriculture produces fruits, especially a uniquely fruits which named starfruit God. Depok also known well as tourist and culinary city.

old depok city

The old Depok filled with Christian values

DEPOK word is an abbreviation of the Dutch language: De Eerste Protestantse Ondeerdan Kerk ( First Protestant National Church ), or De Eerste Protestantse Organisatie van Christenen ( The First Protestant Organization of Christians )

Cornelis Chastelein, a French-Dutch descent, in 1692 he came out of VOC, then he bought some land around Batavia to Depok. To work on the land, Chastelain bought 150 slaves. Then, he made Depok to had it’s own goverment.

Chastelein made the slaves are Christian, and the head of each family was asked to put the family name, which are: Bacas, Isack, Jacob, Jonathan, Joseph, Laurens, Leander, Loen, Samuel, Soedira, Tholence and Zadokh. ( 12 family names ). In 1700 the church was built and sunday service begun. Before Chastelain died on June 28, 1714, he had prepared the will to freedom the slaves and their family  from the slavery, and inheritance land of Depok to them.

August 4, 1952, Indonesian Goverment imdenify and taken over all the land except a few land and buildings: Church, school, parish house, meeting hall and cemetery. Since that day, LCC ( Lembaga Cornrlis Chastelein ) was established, a social organization that take care of the school, cemetery and welfare of the population in the old Depok.